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FiberGlass Sucker Rods

► Fiberglass Reinforced Sucker Rods

Rodrigo Ruiz
Director of Technology | Endurance Lift Solutions

► Increase your production and reduce your costs with Fiberglass Sucker Rod Technology

Don Tapley
Applications Specialist | Endurance Lift Solutions

   Advanced Testing and Design Improves Fiberglass Sucker Rod

Ryan Gernentz - Karol Hricisak- Mohamed F. Alzoubi - John Crane
Production Solutions

Artificial Lift Selection and Optimization

► Artificial Lift Management:
   Recommendations and Suggestions of Best Practices

Marcelo Hirschfeldt
Oil Production Consulting

► Artificial Lift Management:
   Recommendations for Unconventional Oilfields

Marcelo Hirschfeldt Oil Production Consulting
Fernando Flores Avila - Jaime Granados Cáliz
PEMEX E&P - Poza Rica, Veracruz, México

► SPE-108054
   Artificial-Lift Systems Overview and Evolution
   in a Mature Basin Case Study of Golfo

Marcelo Hirschfeldt - Paulino Martinez - Fernando Distel
Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco

► SPE-124737
   Selection criteria for Artificial Lift System
   based on the mechanical limits

Marcelo Hirschfeldt - Rodrigo Ruiz
Oil Production Consulting

► SPE-173941-MS SPE ALC 2015
   Marginal wells inside brownfields
   based on the mechanical limits

Fernando Bertomeu - Marcelo Hirschfeldt - Pablo Delgado
Oil Production Consulting

Gerardo Lobato-Barradas
Pemex E&P