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Duxatech | Plunger Lift

Plunger Lift

At Endurance Plunger Lift, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, dependable service, both in the field and in manufacturing. Because we design, build and inventory our own plunger lift systems, we can respond quickly to customer needs whether you require new systems or replacement parts.

Our in-house engineering team ensures that we are constantly innovating plunger lift systems and associated product lines so our customers get the latest and greatest plunger lift technology. Our comprehensive quality and inspection program offers full material traceability, ISO 9001 compliant procedures and processes, and testing/certification to API standards.

Duxatech | Conventional Plunger Lift

Conventional Plungers

Conventional plungers are the right fit for a variety of well types. Styles of conventional plungers that Endurance Plunger Lift offers include bar stock, padded plungers and brush plungers. Well factors to consider in choosing the best conventional plunger for your application include the expected fluid load, the condition of the well tubing, and whether the well produces any solids – such as sand or paraffin.

These utility-type plungers are designed to provide trouble-free operation, long plunger life and reliable well performance under a wide range of operating conditions.

Duxatech | By Pass Plungers

By Pass Plungers

By-Pass flow plungers can fall against the natural flow of the well or can be operated with minimal shut in time (generally less than 10 minutes). A bypass plunger system can improve your well’s production by allowing increased or continuous well operation while eliminating liquid loading.

The system is designed to fall against the natural flow of the well allowing the plunger to make more cycles per day than conventional plungers. This improves the ability of the plunger to remove fluid from the tubing, and lowers that build-up of fluid slugs that can accumulate at the end of the tubing string. As a result, the system is dependent on critical flow rates vs. build-up pressure to maximize performance.

Duxatech | Lubricators


Our Regular Lubricator is available with a built-in flow outlet and needle valve only, or with a built-in flow outlet, needle valve, sensor, and plunger trap. In addition, it is available in 2 in. NPT or EUE threads.

Our XL Lubricator comes in many application-specific designs with differing layouts and options. XL Lubricators are also available for sour service (H2S), cold weather and be either threaded or flanged. Our High Pressure lubricators typically employ R-24 flanges with welds that can be mag particle tested or x-ray certified to ensure quality and bring peace-of-mind. A Bowen cap design is optional.

Duxaoil | Down Hole Springs

Down Hole Springs

Endurance Plunger Lift sub-surface or ‘down hole’ springs are used to absorb the impact of a falling plunger, preventing damage to the seating device.

The sub-surface springs are made in a modular form to allow for changes of the bottom assemblies at the end of the tubing. The modular spring assembly is retrievable and supported by a sliding sleeve in the spring to protect it from damage during removal.

Duxaoil | Motor Valves & Components

Motor Valves & Components

Endurance Plunger Lift – WESTERN MOTOR VALVE- FlyerPlunger lift systems commonly depend on pneumatically actuated motor valves to facilitate well shut in and flow cycles. Endurance Plunger Lift Products offers a complete line of best-in-class, proprietary motor valves to serve all your plunger lift system needs.

We offer two distinct styles of motor valves to address both low- and high-pressure applications. For most low pressure applications, we recommend the MFC-Z motor line of valves. For high pressure applications, up to 5,000 psi, we recommend our Western Motor Valve line.