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Drilling BOP Control Systems

Through Duxaoil Texas LLC, Duxatech provides BOP Control Systems, these meet or exceed the most stringent quality standards including American Petroleum Institute specifications API 16D, RP16E & RP53 to assure safe and reliable operation under critical conditions. We provide BOP Control Systems for both onshore and offshore applications worldwide.

This BOP Control Systems are custom designed and manufactured to meet customers’ requirements and certifications.

Duxatech's Design department is well equipped with the best tools and software for designing these units and each unit undergoes extensive tests and checks before dispatch to ensure trouble free operation to minimize rig shutdown time and ensure greater safety for the drilling crew.

We can also upgrade and refurbish an obsolete unit as per API 16D or any other similarly recognized standard. All of which are supported by the Windlass field service network of engineers and technicians with extensive knowledge of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Accumulator Modules


The Accumulator Module consists of a welded structural steel skid assembly with a fluid reservoir, provisions for mounting the electric pump, air pump system, hydraulic control manifold and interface module.

Tipes of Modules

  • M-SERIES: The M-Series Accumulator Module has standard features and is a quality economical choice

  • T-SERIES: The T-Series Accumulator Module has advanced safety features and is additionally equipped with a reservoir level sight gauge and 14 inch x 14 inch clean-out man-way for reservoir maintenance.

Workover BOP Control Systems

Duxatech provides a wide variety of workover control units to satisfy the requirements of both large and small platforms. Each system consists of a accumulator module, a high pressure pump and a hydraulic control manifold.

Series Ofrecidas:

  • LW (low profile workover)
  • SW(slim profile workover)
  • CW(conventional profile workover)


High Pressure Test Units

Duxatech manufactures High Pressure Test Units from 5,000 to 30,000 PSI working pressure. These units can be used on site for hydrostatic testing of any product including BOP stacks, kill & choke lines and wellheads.

Available Models:

  • Portable Trolley Mounted Test Units
  • Skid Mounted Test Units (without tank)
  • Skid Mounted Self Contained Test Units (with tank)
  • Custom Test Units


Portable Trolley
Mounted Test Units

These Test Units consist of a single pump mounted on a frame and wheel assembly. Inflatable wheels allow these Test Units to be easily transported to and from the test site.

Pressure ratings are limited to 5,000 and 6,000 PSI due to weight considerations.


Skid Mounted Self Contained
Test Units (with tank)

Self Contained, Tank Mounted Test Units consist of the basic skid-mount with a 50 gallon reservoir and 1/2 inch four-way control valve. This added feature provides convenient control for testing valves.

Tests up to 30,000 PSI can be conducted quickly and safely. Using a separate circuit, high volume and low pressure can be created to test valves or the open and close operation of a preventer


Skid Mounted
Test Units (without tank)

These Test Units provide versatile service in all static, high pressure testing applications. Equipment can be safely tested up to 30,000 PSI with its compact easy to operate design.

They include high pressure air operated pumps, valves and fittings to ensure trouble-free operation. They also include all necessary controls and safety devices as well as connections for the air and fluid supply lines.


Custom test units

These Test Units are designed according to customer requirements.

These unique designs can include control panels, ultra high pressure testing and such customizations based on customer needs.

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